FAW 55kVA Silent Diesel Generator

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  • Maximum 55kVA Standby, 380V, 1500 RPM
  • 75 litre tank : 10 Hours runtime @ 75% load
  • Built-in AVR delivers non fluctuating power
  • Starter motor 4.5kW 24V Electric Starter
  • 4-cylinder 4-stroke Powerful Diesel Engine
  • Three Phase Output
  • 50kVA Prime Silent Diesel Generator 


Prime power (PRP) 50 kVA
Standby power (LTP) 55 kVA
Power factor 0.8 φ
Frequency 50 Hz
Voltage 380 V


Engine brand FAW
Engine model 4DX22-65D-HMS20W 
Engine Type 4-cylinder 4-stroke
Prime Power (kW) 48
Standby Power (kW) 53
Air intake type Turbocharged
Cooling mode Water cooling
Governor mode Electronic
Bore x Stroke(mm) 102x118
Compression ratio 17:1
Rated speed(rpm) 1500
Displacement(L) 3.86
Alternator Alternator 35A 28V
Starter Motor Starter motor 4.5kW 24V
Description Diesel Generator


Brand Varta
Model 6-QW-60(580)-L
Voltage 12V
Quantity 2
Capacity 60Ah
Dimensions 246*174*190 mm
Type Maintenance Free


Controller Brand Datakom
Controller Model D300-MK2 
Structure Type Silent
Noise Level (dBA @ 7m) 72
AVR Constant voltage AVR
Excitation Mode Self Excitation
Fuel Type Diesel
Recommended Oil L-ECD grade or 15W40
ISO9001 Certified Yes
CE Certified Yes


Alternator Brand Dingol or Equivalent
Alternator Model DPC224D 
Rated Current (A) 83 Amps Per Phase
Pole Number 4
Phase Number Three Phase


Length 2350 mm
Width 900 mm
Height 1150 mm
Weight 1073 kgs
Tank Capacity 75 l
Cons. @ 50% Load 4.7 l/h
Cons. @ 75% Load 7.1 l/h
Cons. @ 100% Load 9.4 l/h


Model ATS-BPD-100-3 
Poles 4
Phases 3-Ph
Rated Current 100A


Pre-Delivery Testing
Filled with oil and coolant, tested under full load.
Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI)
Full inspection of the generator
User Manuals Books supplied & Digital (Online)


PLEASE NOTE: ALL ratings are approximate and at SEA LEVEL. Engines need to be de-rated for altitude. A rough guide to de-rate performance is 1% for every 100m above sea level. I.e: A 20kVA at sea level is an 18kVA at 1000m above sea level (10% less) etc.

The generator will not be able to take the full load instantaneously. The load should be added to the generator gradually. 50% initially and then stepped up over time once engine is up to temperature.

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* Installation should be done by a Qualified Electrician
* Finance Options Available on Request 

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